Care to Dance - Saturday, January 7, 2017

All proceeds go to Lakeview Pantry in Chicago
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Extensions Dance Studio will host Care to Dance on Saturday, January 7.  
Care to Dance, a traditional event for Chicago's dance community, is a day of master classes held at Extensions Dance Studio, 3933 N. Elston, Chicago. Dancers as young as eight years old are invited to participate in this one-day event, which features some of Chicago's best dance instructors, including Lizzie MacKenzie, Dakota Montavon, Josh Manculich, Brian Rabenda and Chris Amedee. 
"Care to Dance is one of my favorite events of the year. I  love the energy – it's always fun and charged with joy, says Extensions co-founder and artistic director Lizzie MacKenzie, who will be teaching at Care to Dance this year. "Every year, faculty and students come together to share what they love, knowing that it will benefit an organization that will do good with the funds. It's a wonderful feeling."
Lauren Brown, Extension co-founder and executive director, agrees. "The energy at Care to Dance is infectious. There's nothing like doing what you love with the added bonus of helping others in the process," Brown says. "It's a great day, with great people and great dance, for a great cause."
This year, proceeds from Care to Dance will benefit Lakeview Food Pantry, a Chicago institution dedicated to providing food and support for those in need. 

CARE to DANCE - ages 13 and up 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - $100
CARE to DANCE -  ages 8-12 - 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. - $75

Download registration form here

Care to Dance will benefit Lakeview Pantry, one of Chicago's largest and longest-operating food pantries. 

Lakeview Pantry's mission is to eliminate hunger and poverty in our community by providing food to fill the basic need of hungry people; increasing the independence of our clients through self-help initiatives and other innovative programs; and raising awareness of hunger and poverty and working towards solutions to eliminate them.

More about Lakeview Pantry: 

  • Every dollar donated to Lakeview Pantry provides approximately 10 pounds of food to our neighbors in need. The USDA calculates that 1.2 pounds is an average meal (determined of course by age and appetite of individuals).
  • Last year the Pantry fed 8,200 individuals who visited the Pantry a total of 40,000 times. Of these, about 170 are Home Delivery clients who receive Pantry deliveries approximately 2,000 times over one year.
  • Last year we distributed $1.6 million pounds of food – 800 tons
  • We offer shelf stable groceries, dairy and eggs, proteins such as chicken, beef and fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables – and everyone who visits is offered flowers – they’re donated by Trader Joe’s!
  • Our food distribution model is what is referred to as “client choice” – where clients choose from our nutritionally balanced menu which items they wish to receive.
  • We also offer a program of social services to our clients, which includes help with healthcare, housing and other benefit forms, and help with employment, and one to one counseling