Melissa Lawler

Melissa Lawler, 6, Schaumburg, Illinois
Hale Elementary School (Schaumburg)

Melissa has been a petite member at Extension Dance Company since 2015. This is only her second year dancing and has found her true passion. Last year she started out with a ballet and jazz class. As a member of the company, she got to perform on stage for the very first time. She loved it! This year she has added more ballet and jazz along with contemporary and stretch & strengthening classes to her schedule. This six year old dances roughly eleven hours a week.

Thanks to her mentor Lizzie, she is learning to understand the discipline and dedication it takes to be a true dancer. Lizzie and her other instructors help her to believe in herself and know that she can do this. Melissa values each and every one of her instructors. Thank you. Along the way she has built some great friendships and true bonds with fellow members of the company. She never wants to leave the studio when we are there.

In her free time Melissa enjoys eating popsicles, reading and playing. She also loves to practice her stretches and dance moves she learns during class.

Photos by Cheryl Mann