Julia Buscaglia

Julia Buscaglia, 13, Chicago
St. Eugene Elementary School (Chicago)

Julia Buscaglia, who is in eighth grade at St. Eugene School in Chicago, studying with Lizzie in the fall of 2011 and was thrilled when Lizzie invited her to join Extensions Too! for the 2012-13 season. This is her fifth year in the company and sixth year training with Lizzie.

Julia began taking dance classes at Chicago Dance and Music Academy when she was three years old. She was a member of DMA’s performance company from 2009-2011. 

Julia loves taking classes and hanging out at Extensions Dance Center, and is incredibly happy to be working with such talented teachers and choreographers and fun-to-be-around dancers every week. She truly loves her Extensions family and wants to thank them for all of their support. Julia would like to thank Lizzie and Lauren for all of their attention and love and would also like to thank her parents and her brothers for their love and help, and would like to thank her sister Izzy for sharing her passion for dance with her.

When Julia isn't dancing, she's playing with her dogs, hanging out with her friends, watching her favorite TV shows and working with the other members of the student council at school. She loves to cook and has almost perfected the after-school flash-snack for her and her sister for their drive to dance and prides herself on leaving the kitchen almost unrecognizable when she's finished. 

Photos by Cheryl Mann