Gianna Pascente

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Gianna Pascente, 14, Des Plaines, Illinois
Maine West High School (Des Plaines, Ill.)

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Gianna Pascente is a Freshman in High School and in her fourth year at Extensions. This in her 2nd year as a teen company member and she is so excited to be dancing with this gifted group of talented young artists and to be training under the direction and inspiration of her role model Lizzie MacKenzie and the amazingly talented staff at Extensions.

Gianna started dancing at the age of two and has been dancing ever since. She is always looking for opportunities to challenge herself and grow as a dancer and in life. Gianna spent this past summer training at Extensions and with Hubbard Street. She is thrilled that she was recently asked to be a Tribe Trainee and is looking forward to this opportunity.

Gianna loves being part of the EDC where she is always surrounded by talent, passion, encouragement and love. Extensions is her second home and there is no place that she would rather be! Thank you to Lizzie and Lauren for creating such a beautiful studio that fosters dancers to reach their own potential while contributing to enriching the community. Gianna would like to thank her family for all the support and all the rides to dance!

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Photos by Cheryl Mann