Eyllah Babbitt

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Eyllah Babbitt, 14, Wilmette, Illinois
New Trier High School (Winnetka, Ill.)

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Eyllah Babbitt began her dance career at Dance Center Evanston which was a companion to her figure skating interest but after meeting Lizzie 5 years ago, her entire life and focus changed! Through Lizzie's professional and creative approach, Eyllah has found her true artistic passion: contemporary dance.

This will be Eyllah's third competitive season with one of Lizzie's Pre-professional companies and she thrives on the intensity of competition receiving recognition for her efforts. In 2017, Eyllah was honored to participate in two summer programs, LINES Ballet in San Francisco and Interlochen dance in Michigan, which have expanded her dance skills immensely.

Eyllah has an eye toward choreography in 2018 and is passionate about her efforts to learn more with Lizzie and spend time with her Extensions friend's who have become her supportive community. During her precious time away from dance, she also looks forward to helping those creatures and people less fortunate.

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Photos by Cheryl Mann