Eyllah Babbitt

Eyllah Babbitt, 13, Wilmette, Illinois
Wilmette Junior High School (Wilmette, Ill.)

Eyllah started her artistic endeavors as an avid figure skater but when given the gift of Extensions and Lizzie MacKenzie, she has blossomed into a focused dancer in love with intricate choreography and dance as contemporary as can be. Eyllah started dancing at age 2 and she has been seriously training with Lizzie and Extension for almost 4 years.

Eyllah embraces all forms of dance including classical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and pointe. This is Eyllah's second year attending dance conferences and competing with Lizzie's pre-professional dance company. She looks forward to expanding her participation this year and she feels lucky to be surrounded by such talented classmates.

Eyllah embraces every minute of the hard work in classes and rehearsal and the letting-off-steam social time with her fellow dancers. She feels she's found a home and looks to Extensions for both her work time and play time.

Photos by Cheryl Mann