Dylan Karge

Dylan Krage, 14, Chicago
Sacred Heart School (Chicago)

Dylan is an 8th grader at the Academy of Sacred Heart in Chicago. This is her third year with Extensions and she is excited to continue her passion for dance. Only 3 years old at her first ballet recital, her love of dance was sparked as she proceeded to relevé, plié and jeté across the wooden stage -- instantly becoming a ballerina. She's a child who dances full-heartedly with her soul.

Dancing at Extensions give Dylan the opportunity to show the world who she is and who she can be. It also teaches Dylan several valuable lessons that she will continue to use throughout her lifetime—commitment, discipline, determination and teamwork. She greatly thanks her Extensions family for their encouragement and support, and most importantly Lizzie for being her mentor. Dance is Dylan's happy place.


Photos by Cheryl Mann