Camille Freedman

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Camille Freedman, 14, Chicago
Francis W. Parker School (Chicago)

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Camille is in her third year at Extensions Dance Company. She has been dancing since she was 5, taking classes in ballet, contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz and tap. She also was a competitive gymnast for a few years. Prior to joining Extensions, Camille took classes at and performed with two other dance studios in Chicago.

Camille is grateful for Extensions because she feels like it is a real family that supports her in many ways. She is blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Lizzie and her amazing team of dance teachers and choreographers. The many performances, master workshops, conventions, regional and national awards and scholarships have contributed greatly to her dance education.

Camille recently attended the Alonzo King Lines Ballet summer intensive in San Francisco. Camille also plays the trumpet and loves cooking, skiing and water sports. She has a passion for learning and even likes school! Camille wants to thank her phenomenal Extensions family and, of course, her parents and friends for all their love and support.



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Photos by Cheryl Mann