You don’t choose dance, dance chooses you.

Name: Andrea Holt
Age: 12
Hometown: Rockford
School: West CAPA Middle School, Rockford, Ill.

Andrea Holt is in seventh grader at West CAPA Middle School in Rockford, Ill. She’s very excited about her second year with Extensions Too! and about spending time with her talented teammates. Andrea dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Andrea started dancing at age 4, participating in a homeschool dance program and joined the competition company at Evolve Dance Company. In the summer of 2014 Andrea was very lucky to train with Fabrice Calmels of The Joffrey Ballet.

When Andrea is not dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys horseback riding.

Andrea would like to give a special thanks to Cyndi Conley for being such a strong dance advocate and for supporting her dreams. Special thanks to Ciara Cacciatore for "Blackbird." Also. Andrea would like to thank her family for their love and support. She would also to thank her teachers at Evolve Dance. Company for encouraging her to follow her passion. Extra special thanks to Lizzie for believing in her and giving her this great opportunity.

Photos by Cheryl Mann