Every time I dance I turn into a better version of me.

Name: Andrea Garcia
Age: 14
Hometown: Chicago
School: LaSalle II Magnet School, Chicago

Andrea first fell in love with dance when she watched the first episode of Dance Academy at the age of 9. She would study dancers techniques and their every move. After about a year, Andrea decided that she wanted to dance. Andrea has been dancing for 4 years. Her first two years of training came from Beverly Arts Center. Andrea then joined Intrigue Dance Company for one year. In 2015, Andrea joined Extensions Dance Company. This is her first year at Extensions.

Andrea likes to spend her free time dancing at home and hanging out with family and friends. Her favorite place to go to on weekends is Fleetwood Roller Rink. Her favorite show to watch on her free time is "Vampire Diaries."  

Andrea loves coming to class every day and is inspired by all the amazing dancers around her. She is very grateful for being able to be trained under Lizzie. Andrea thanks Lizzie for all of her hard work to make her a better dancer.

Photos by Cheryl Mann