Amelie Miller

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Amelie Miller, 13, Glenview
Springman Middle School, Glenview

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Amelie is an 8th grader at Springman Middle School in Glenview, Illinois. This is her 3rd year dancing at Extensions and her first year as an Extensions Junior Company member.

Amelie began dancing at the age of six at Dance & Music Academy in Glenview, Illinois, where she was a company member for four years. This past summer, Amelie participated in the Hubbard Street Dance Company and Extensions Dance Company junior intensives.

Amelie is extremely proud to call herself an Extensions Junior Company member. She is inspired by the commitment, passion, and pursuit of excellence demonstrated by Lizzie, her amazing faculty, and the other company members.

When she’s not dancing or at school, Amelie enjoys playing piano, hanging out with friends, softball and skiing.


Photos by Cheryl Mann